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WORIADS Responds to Public Consultation on the EU Mental Health Strategy

WORIADS has submitted a response to the European Commission's Call for Evidence on a Comprehensive Approach to Mental Health. We have welcomed the Commission's consultation on mental health while drawing attention to a vital aspect that is fundamental to all of our futures: the mental health of young people and, in particular, how to approach the treatment of gender dysphoria.

We acknowledge that some have made this a highly politicised issue, however, we are confident that it may yet be successfully broached with compassion and ultimately a better outcome for all. We are concerned that the politicization of this issue has led to inconsistent, experimental treatments being applied to very vulnerable individuals.

Key points in our submission address:

  • the urgent need for scientific consensus on the treatment of gender dysphoric youth and children

  • the shortcomings and striking lack of evidence underpinning the "gender affirmative" model of care

  • the need for more research into the diagnosis and treatment of gender dysphoria - ensuring that mental health professionals can carry out their work without undue interference

  • and recognition that children can not give informed consent to interventions that have irreversible consequences for their development.

Read our response in full here:

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