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WORIADS is a non partisan coalition of concerned citizens, activists, and professionals from across Europe who insist that biological sex is real, important, and immutable and that it should not be conflated with gender. Our coalition welcomes anyone who recognises the importance of the material reality of sex and wishes to have their voice heard by decision-makers in the European and international decision-making bodies, in the EU institutions, the UN and the Council of Europe.

We connect citizens concerned about the creep of gender identity ideology in European countries. We let them know about upcoming relevant laws, policies, public consultations, petitions, and events, and we make sure they know what these initiatives mean for them. We ask for their opinions and suggestions and then we talk to the relevant lawmakers within the institutions to make sure their views are taken into account.  


We are making sure that our representatives in Brussels are aware of the growing resistance to gender identity ideology in the EU. We will resist any effort to compromise women’s safety and integrity, to interfere with the health of our gender-distressed children, or to destroy women's sports. We will defend the rights of lesbians to assemble freely, and we will fight to protect the right of elderly and disabled women, and other vulnerable groups in sensitive settings, to receive dignified care. And finally, we will insist on the rights of citizens to publicly criticise gender identity ideology, whether online, at public events, or in academic settings. 

What Does WORIADS Mean?


WORIADS stands for worthy of respect in a democratic society. This phrase refers to the outcome of a legal case in the UK which found that statements about biological sex made by researcher Maya Forstater are protected under the Equality Act.

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