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WORIADS is a non-partisan coalition of concerned citizens, activists, and professionals from across Europe who insist that biological sex is real, important, and immutable and that it should not be conflated with gender. 


We believe that our rejection of gender ideology is Worthy of Respect In A Democratic Society (WORIADS) and we want policymakers to start listening to our voices.

EU Law on Violence Against Woman
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Gender identity ideology is increasingly being written into EU and international law and policy. This negatively affects women's rights, the right of all citizens to speak freely about biological sex, and, crucially, the healthy development of gender-distressed children and adolescents. 

The European Parliament is debating a new law on violence against women which in principle is a good thing. However, the current proposal lacks clarity on whether women exist as a distinct biological sex class with specific needs e.g. access to female-only accommodation in shelters and rape crisis centres. We also have some concerns about amendments that facilitate the introduction of gender ideology in schools and others which suggest that children can give informed consent to life-altering hormonal treatments.

We need your help to get the message to MEPs that these things are not acceptable.

What is a woman?

The European Parliament is debating a new law on violence against women. But what is a woman? The conflation of sex and gender creates confusion. Austrian MEP Lukas Mandl has suggested a definition that could add some clarity to the debate.
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Sex Based Rights

For many female victims of male violence, sharing rape crisis services or domestic abuse shelters with persons born male, however they might self-identify, could lead some of the most vulnerable women to self-exclude or suffer from retraumatisation.

Safeguarding Youth

Activists are introducing "wrong body" ideology into the draft EU violence against woman law.  What's worse is that they want to pave the way for it to be included in sex education for children.  Tell your MEPs to keep pseudoscientific ideas out of the EU law on violence against women. 
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